Eastern Bluebird


 Pair of Bluebirds looking for a suitable home


 Incoming male to test it out 



 Male Bluebird showing off his flying skills

 Seems to have this technique mastered



 The decision was made to use a more "traditional" home

Call over the little lady and tell her what you found 



 Win her over with a nice juicy bug as a housewarming gift

 Check out the neighborhood to make sure it's a good place to raise a family



 Make sure to take a few minutes to enjoy the flowers

 Start building the nest - lots of work involved



 Of course, it would go faster if BOTH birds helped!

 Now they are BOTH taking a break



 It's going to take a lot of work (and worms) to raise the new family

 Bluebird with a bug landing on teasel



 Bluebird with worms on a Blue Spruce

 Bluebird with an insect on a stump



Both parents with some worms on some flowers

 Both parents with some worms - are we noticing a pattern?



 Now that's a bug you could be proud to feed your kids

Lots of worms necessary to raise the first of the two broods



Too busy to have just one favorite perch - anything will do when you are busy

 Nasty looking bug that she has this time



Finally, a look at one of the kids! 

Mother and baby on a deer antler



Any time now - baby is hungry!

It was HOT this summer so keeping cool was important 



The water was flying on many days

An older shot, but it's been on a couple of covers

Some Vertical Photos for those that need a good cover shot