Nectar Bats in Arizona tend to empty hummingbird feeders each night - not always appreciated by the owners of the feeders. On the left is the endangered Lesser Long-nosed Bat and on the right is the Mexican Long-tongued Bat. One of these blighters landed on my head while I was taking these photos. Don't worry - I'll be OK (eventually).

Baby Raccoon in the Great Swamp NWR that was apparently counting cars for the Government.

Pair of Baby Raccoons at Sanibel Island in Florida. For some reason, Raccoons are much more active during the day in Florida that other places that I have encountered them.

Bats aren't really all that easy to define unless you have them in the hand. In that case, I have chosen to just guess that this is most likely a Little Brown Bat.

This bat looks mean, but, in fact, was just yawning at how long it was taking me to set up the shot to take this photo.

Long-tailed Weasel. I was a little ticked about this shot. I wasn't set up the way I wanted to be for this photo as I wasn't expecting to see one of these. I got the camera set correctly and someone ran up to the little guy and yelled, "Hey! Look at the weasel!" Needless to say, it ran off just leaving the big fat weasel that scared it away.

Two baby red foxes on the right running across my back yard just before they tackled their mother. She was not amused.

I was freezing my tail off in the Great Swamp a while back when I saw this fox trotting towards me. I took a couple of shots as it ran past. The sound of the shutter clicking made it stop for a second and look at me. I wish it had stayed just a few seconds longer.

I was sitting in a blind photographing Hummingbirds when this young buck (White-tailed Deer) walked up to steal an apple. It didn't see me at first and got way too close for either of us to be happy about the situation.

Baby White-tailed deer just after birth just sort of taking a rest. They look so cute when they are young and not eating everything in sight.

Mother Deer trying to service three babies at once. She didn't seem like she was happy about her nomination for "Mother of the Year."

This was taken at the Sea Lion Caves on the Oregon Coast where I met Amy Vitali of National Geographic. She was there to do an essay on the problems that exist between Sea Lions and the fishing industry. This cave REALLY smells terrible.