Grand Tetons



One of the wonderful things about visiting Yellowstone is that you generally have to get there by way of the Grand Teton National Park

Of course, to get nice shots of the Tetons, it is best to get there by sunrise. Unfortunately for me, I was staying in a motel that was a two hour drive from places like Oxbow Bend, where the Tetons are reflected in this lovely body of water.



In case you think it is a hike to this spot, take notice of the highway in the extreme right-hand portion of the photo. I do have to say, though, that it was very cold. Even in early September, it snowed several times.

I managed to spend a little time on the way to and from Yellowstone as well as one full day in the Tetons. The iconic Moulton Barns along Mormon Row are a must see spot. Here, I was lucky enough to get a few Bison in the shot.



Another view of one of the Moulton Barns with a bit of nicer sky in the background

It looks a bit cloudy, but, in fact, I took this during a terrible thunder storm. The sun peaked out just long enough for me to sprint from the car, get a couple of shots, and run back (still got wet, though)



Looking East from the Moulton Barn during the height of the rain storm. I looked, no pot of gold (I think someone beat me to it)

All around the Moulton Barns, there was wildlife. A huge herd of Bison made it a bit dicey to try to get close enough to in order to get some shots. 



Black-billed Magpie perched on an abandoned outhouse near the Moulton Barns

Same Magpie, different view (same outhouse)



There was a nice little flock of Mountain Bluebirds hanging around the barns as well.

I was taking shots of this little fellow when some jerk walked up telling his wife that you can walk right up to these birds and they won't fly away (he was wrong)



Schwabacker's Landing is another of the "must stop" places. Unfortunately, there were lots of other "must stop" places that I didn't manage to get to.

Another view of Schwabacker's Landing 



I hauled all of my landscape gear into this spot and heard a rumor that there were Otters around. Quick - run back to the car and swap out the gear.

I returned with a longer lens and found a family of otters frolicking on the far shore



These guys were cute and they know it!

They spent about 10 minutes catching Cut-throat Trout and chowing down on sushi 




Moose were easier to find in the Tetons than in Yellowstone. Still, they seemed to avoid standing in good light in both parks.



The Snake River Overlook is another spot you have to stop for a few shots. 

Just stop anywhere, stick the camera out of the window and shoot. Tough to find a bad scene. Just make sure you have good light, a quality lens, use the right aperture, shutter speed, ISO. A tripod is helpful. Probably a lot of other things too.



A slightly different shot that shows a bit of the desert in the area.