Hawks and Owls - Vertical

I used to be a magazine editor. I know what a pain it can be to find photos to use in your publications - especially half-way decent vertical photos to use on the cover. That's why I put this page together. This is a sample of some of my better vertical shots that have not yet appeared on the cover of a magazine. Contact me to for information on how to use these shots.

Black Vulture:


Broad-winged Hawk:


Red-shouldered Hawk:

Red-shouldered Hawk:

Red-tailed Hawk:

American Kestrel (left) / Eastern Screech Owl (right)

Eastern Screech Owl:


Great Horned Owl:

Great Horned Owl (left) / Burrowing Owl (right)

Burrowing Owl:


Barred Owl:

Bald Eagle / Black Vulture