Eastern Bluebirds -2011

Sort of a photo essay on the first nesting of a pair of Eastern Bluebirds in my yard this spring. Horizontal photos on top, vertical photos at the bottom. This family was a real joy to work with. On most days, I'm happy to get a handful of shots that I am really happy with. The Bluebirds left me with over 1,000 "keepers." I deleted thousands of photos that I would have killed for in the past. The only down day was when the birds fledged, three were killed by a raccoon along with the entire Tree Swallow nest including the female.

Some early courtship - you can see the difference in the right side photo - female on the left with muted colors and male on the right with richer colors. Both are very vocal.


Hanging out in the Dogwood Trees

Dogwood and Apple Trees (female left, male right)

Various Perches (I LOVE good-looking perches)


I made a fence from some very old parts from the garden

Add a few flowers



The Local Cooper's Hawk got their attention

When the babies were born, both parents went in and out a lot

A couple of close-ups (male left, female right)

Many deliveries to the nest (male left, female right)


The birdbath becomes increasingly popular as the weather gets hotter

Plenty of photo ops with flowers and perches and such













Once the babies fledged, it was about a week before they came down to where I could get some photos - I believe that they are both males




Lots of vertical shots - get your cover photos before the competition!